At-Home Waxing Products

At-home waxing kits can be very effective at removing hair, and are a great alternative to shaving; however, the waxing process itself can be rather “annoying” for many people. If you plan on doing large areas of the body, you can count on making several trips to the microwave to re-warm the wax, so you better clear your schedule for at least an hour because this method of hair removal is definitely high maintenance. beijing brazilian wax

Waxing Instructions

Most beauty supply stores will have everything you need to start waxing from home—The waxing kit, strips of cotton or cheese cloth, and moisturizing products for post-treatment. If you want to treat smaller areas like the upper lip, a facial waxing kit usually includes a small spatula for even distribution of the wax that is melted in the microwave before application.




For hot waxing treatments, the wax is applied directly to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. A strip of cloth is then applied, smoothed down with the hand, and pulled from the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Cold wax treatments are applied in a similar way, but the strips are ready to use, pre-coated with wax or a sugaring substance, like Nad’s (see below) and are usually best for facial, underarm and bikini areas.

Popular At-Home Waxing Kits


White at-home waxing is still considerably cheaper than going to the salon, some waxing kits can be expensive and the price adds up over time. So your choice will depend on the area you want to treat, and your budget. If you’re trying to research and compare at-home waxing kits, check out our list below. We’ve compiled some of the most popular at-home waxing kits on the market today.bikini wax in beijing


Veet Hair Removal Strips - $6-12
While many of us associate Veet with depilatory products, Veet does offer three at-home waxing products. Veet waxing products, with the exception of the Veet Comfort Waxing Kit, all come with pre-coated strips. For those who don’t want to wait until there hair is long enough to wax (usually 1/8 of an inch), the manufacturer offers the Veet® Salon Line™ Ready To Use Wax Strips. With this particular kit, your hair can be as short as 2mm, so you’ll never have to wait to have sooth skin and the results are supposed to last up to 4 weeks. This product also comes in a dry skin formula that is enriched with essential oils and soothing mint, as well as a sensitive skin formula with Vitamin E and Almond Oil.


Sally Hansen Express Wax Hair Remover for Face and Body – $7-15 This particular brand of hair removal products are infused with natural ingredients that are meant to soothe and moisturize the skin during and after waxing. The Express Wax Hair Remover can be used hot or cold, depending on the area of the body, and should last up to 8 weeks (according the manufacturer). It takes considerably less time than the brand’s Spa Wax Hair Removal Kit or Extra Strength All-Over Wax Hair Remover and is good for the face and the body.




Sally Hansen offers a number of at-home waxing products based on the area of the body you’re interested in treating, and how much time you have. Other popular products within the at-home waxing line include, Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face, Spa Wax Hair Remover for Face, Microwaveable Eyebrow, Face, and Lip Wax, No Heat Roll-On Hair Remover, and many more.


Bliss Poetic Cosmetics Waxing Kit - $45
This product, while pricey, has received glowing reviews from users. Considered a low temperature wax, Poetic Cosmetics grabs both long and short hair to give a smoothness that lasts a minimum of 4 weeks. This at-home waxing remedy is recommended for those who are beginners to the world of waxing as the wax is safe for the most virgin of skin. This kit is safe for virtually any area of the body, and comes with metal jug filled with Azulene wax, spatulas, skin cleanser, and lotions made with natural botanicals and aromatherapy oils for after-use.beijing carezza brazilian wax

Bliss Cosmetics also offers Bliss the Hair Banned Set for $74 which includes both the Poetic Cosmetics Waxing Kit and the Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads. Both products also come with their own blue Bliss bag to keep everything together between uses.

Side Effects of Waxing at Home

  • Pain (Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Waxing can be painful depending on the type of product, the sensitivity level of the skin, and how well the user adheres to the instructions)
  • Irritation/Rash
  • Redness/Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Broken Skin
  • Ingrown Hairs (a.k.a Folliculitis)

Waxing Tips

  1. Wash/Dry Your Skin Well Before Treatment – In order to make sure the wax sticks to your hair; you’re going to want the area clean of any oil, lotion, dirt, etc.
  2. How Long Must My Hair Be to Wax? Unless your waxing kits states otherwise, for best results, the hair should be at least 1/8 of an inch long to wax.
  3. Do NOT Overheat Your Wax – Some of the most common “uh-oh’s” of waxing is overheating the wax to the point of burning your skin. Heat carefully, and do a small test area to see how you react to the temperature before waxing an entire area of your body.
  4. If you consider yourself a wimp to pain, try an over-the-counter- numbing cream available at most pharmacies. It’s the same numbing agent used during laser hair removal treatments.
  5. Apply a thin layer of wax to the area to avoid a goopy mess. It usually helps to hold the spatula at a 45 degree angle away from the skin. Oh, and don’t forget to leave about a thumb’s worth of cloth free from the wax, so you can use it to latch on and pull.
  6. Rub the strip in the same direction as your hair growth before pulling it off, not in the opposite direction.
  7. Always pull the skin taut first before pulling the strip.

Waxing Aftercare Tips

  1. Use a moist, warm towel to get rid of any excess wax.
  2. Avoid sun exposure to the treated areas for at least 48 hours, and always use sunscreen.
  3. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes/underwear that would rub or irritate the treated skin.
  4. Always do a test patch first before fully treating your skin. You never know how your skin will react to waxing and it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  5. After 24 hours, exfoliate the skin to make sure wax or dead skin does not clog the pores, resulting in ingrown hairs.

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