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Full Face Wax -(include Neck Hairline Waxing)- 280RMB
Forehead Wax - 100RMB
Eyebrow Wax - 100RMB
Sideburn Wax - 100RMB
Ear Wax- 100RMB
Nose Wax - 100RMB
Cheek Wax - 100RMB
Lower lip Wax-100RMB
Neck Hairline Wax- 100RMB
Full Chest -(include upper chest, Abdominal)- 500RMB
Chest Wax-(upper chest)- 300RMB
Abdominal Wax- 200RMB
Nipple Wax-100RMB
Full Arm Wax-(include underarms, hands & fingers)- 300RMB
Half Arm Wax-(Upper or Lower)- 180RMB
Shoulder Waxing- 200RMB
Underarm Waxing- 100RMB
Hands & Finger Wax-100RMB
Full Leg Wax-(includes Feet & Toes)- 480RMB
Upper Half Leg Wax- 250RMB
Lower Half Leg Waxing(includ feet & toes)- 280RMB
Feet & Toes Wax- 100RMB
Full Back Wax- (Upper/lower back, neck/shoulders)- 500RMB
Basic Back Wax (upper back only)- 300RMB
Lower Back Wax- 200RMB
Torso Wax ( full back, chest & underarm wax)- 1000RMB
Brazilian Wax For Women-(buttocks,anus, bikini line, crack, mons,inner & outer labia and perineum,all pubic hair from the genital region) 300RMB
Brazilian Wax For Men-(penis shaft, scrotum, buttocks,anus, bikini line, crack, mons and perineum,all pubic hair from the genital region) 400RMB
Penis and Scrotum - 300RMB
butt cheeks and crack - 300RMB
Sack and Crack Waxing - 300RMB

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