You want to take off around the anus anal hair removal hair?

Why should the anal hair removal? Around the anus hair removal what benefits? How much will it harm?

Carezza waxing ten years focused on private place hair removal, including of course around the anus oh!

Perianal hair really hate, each time not to poop, summer, each at that time...... Well, if you have special hobbies oh.


beeswax hair removal of anus

Beijing beeswax hair removal Carezza anus

Cycle around the anus hair growth speed up in front of the hair grows more slowly not so hard, but because of the increase of material level and aesthetic standard constantly, many people began to pay attention to this hair, although it in place of the unknown, our British how to remove it, how is holding more effective way?

In general, the method I highly recommend beeswax hair removal of the anus, the use of pure natural beeswax in minutes, this approach can last for about two months, and no damage to the skin, will only then a little bit of pain, smear some emulsion can be, you don't have to worry about infection what, because itself around the anus will not be so dry but very moist, otherwise how could he have expansion so big? Ha ha.

If you go to beauty salons to feel embarrassed, you can at home to DIY about, you might ask, oneself are in the home how de anal hair ah? Emmmmmm can, small make up to his own anus hair removal has 7, 8 years, please can you think of a way ah, you squat down, bottom placed side mirror, called this is not all done? Embarrassment.........


waxing Bikini

Beijing beeswax hair removal Carezza Bikini

How much their operations at home will still be some awkward, OK Beijing Carezza can provide the anus in the beeswax hair removal depilatory Oh, division of our professional operation, faster, more secure, you don't have to think or feel shy, awkward, because nobody will notice you, Carezza all the hair removal division after the actual about 3000-4000 Bikini operations, see too much, won't notice you, our goal is to make you satisfied, reduce the embarrassment, increase the operating time:)

In person, you can also consider the laser hair removal depilatory anus, this means more lasting more than the former, beeswax anal depilated general two months will need to do it again, is the need for regular, laser need not, usually a 6-8 times can achieve permanent hair removal effect.

So the above are the two best anal hair removal method, according to your own situation to choose, or as I said above can DIY at home, the cost is also very handsome Oh, you buy a jar of beeswax can at least take off 50 anus, you count your own can take off? But in the end still suggests that there should be some common sense and basic hair removal, so it will be easier to say well, for so long, what kind of anal depilate a method suitable for you?

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