Satin Smooth Res-Q Ingrown Hair Mousse - 2.5oz


Sensitive areas need special care.
Satin Smooth® Res-Q™ Ingrown Hair Mousse delivers ultimate comfort, healing razor burn, irritated skin due to waxing, electrolysis, lasers or shaving.
Patented mousse formula penetrates skin quickly. Enriched with antioxidants and calming extracts. Restores skins pH level leaving your skin beautifully soft as silk.
Confidence Never Looked So Beautiful!

  • Treats ingrown hair, razor burn, bumps and skin irritation resulting from hair removal
  • Conditioning formula helps to loosen and release hair
  • Enriched with antioxidants and calming extracts to help restore pH levels, and revive skin's natural beauty
  • Gentle enough for all sensitive areas
  • Generously apply Res-Q™ Advance Ingrown Hair Mousse 24 hours after hair removal
  • Apply daily for continuing smooth results
  • Use on all affected areas underarms, bikini, neck and face. Gentle enough for all sensitive areas.
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