Is It Safe To Go For A Bikini Wax? Find The Answers Here!

Is It Safe To Go For A Bikini Wax? Find The Answers Here!

Every woman’s dream before going to the beach or the pool is to get that flawless look, where most of the visible body hair is removed, especially around the bikini line. After all, unlike men, women are considered to look better without the body hair…

But have you ever wondered if there are any downsides to the practice? Besides the pain of course… Yes, the pain can be dealt with – using numbing creams or pain killers or sheer willpower – but what about more serious consequences?

Consider for instance, an Australian woman who got a bikini wax and experienced some pain and bleeding. However, thinking this to be normal, she didn’t really pay much attention. However, a couple of weeks later, she was hospitalised with a severe infection! The situation turned so bad that eventually she had to go for a surgery! This was an isolated incident, but quite a few people could be prone to such issues.  

With that in mind, let’s take a look below and see why physicians, healthcare professionals, and quite a few women are becoming wary of bikini waxing…

Why say no to un-safe bikini waxing

While we are discussing the harms of bikini waxing, notice that what we are actually talking about is ‘unsafe’ bikini waxing. This is because bikini waxing has been tried and used by many women for years, and quite safely. The key is to avoid the following hazards…

  • The genitals are one of the most delicate portions of the body, and waxing presents the risk of tearing the skin.
  • Also, skin tear at any of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body leaves her vulnerable to quite a few kinds of infections.
  • There could be bleeding, and this can lead to other complications like folliculitis.
  • Furthermore, for people with diabetes or other diseases that affect the immune system like HIV/AIDS, the skin tears can lead to severe infection, as in the case of the Australian woman. This is because a weakened immune system is unable to fight off any infection that enters your body at the time of the bikini wax.
  • Injury during a bikini wax also leaves you more vulnerable to STDs like Molluscum contagiosum (raised spots with pearl-like appearance), herpes, etc.

And how would you avoid them? By choosing the most hygienic and reputed place to go for a wax, by keeping the area around the bikini line clean and sanitized pre- and post-wax… and by following a few Dos and Don’ts ! In addition, if you know that you have any pre-existing conditions like STDs or immune system disorders, speak to your healthcare professional first…

While bikini waxing does pose quite a few risks, so far as you stay safe, it shouldn’t be too difficult, and you can afterwards show off your favourite bikini at the beach with élan!


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