10 Tips To Make Waxing A Less Painful Experience

Waxing is good for hair removal… Its pros weigh more than those of shaving  and threading . But somehow, you can never really bypass the horror of hearing groans and ‘ouch’s coming out of the waxing room at your chosen beijing brazilian wax salon!

In fact, the pain that comes with waxing is possibly its biggest con… Of course, you could tell yourself “No pain means no gain”… Or on the other hand, you can take some safety precautions and measures so as to minimize the pain as much as possible…

Surely, the latter seems like a pleasant prospect?? Well, here are

10 Tips to Reduce the Pain of Waxing

#1     Use a numbing cream – it dulls your nerves and doesn’t let you feel the sensation of pain.

#2     A practiced hand means less pain – If possible, get someone who is experienced to do the job. Could be a certified aesthetician, or even an experienced friend – either will do. Expertise only means that the right amount of wax is used and it is applied and pulled in the right direction.

#3     Exfoliation makes it easier to wax – Exfoliating before the wax makes it easier to remove the hair. And that obviously means less pain.

#4     Applying ice before waxing actually makes it worse – You might think that ice will numb the nerves. But quite contrarily, it actually tightens the pores and makes waxing a more difficult and painful process. Applying it afterwards will be more helpful.

#5     Don’t wax at home till you are reasonably experienced – For the reasons mentioned above, till you know the right procedure, going to a reputed salon will ensure that the pain is minimal.

#6     Wax only those areas which should be waxed – There are areas of your body which you shouldn’t wax. Doing so will only pain more. Point in question – male genitals, inside nose and ears, irritated skin, areas with cuts or wounds, places where you have pimples, nipples… the list can go on… Think before you decide!  

#7     Avoid foods that increase your body’s acidity – Acidity increases skin’s sensitivity. So avoid acidifying eatables or beverages, like coffee, alcohol etc., especially right before you go for a wax.

#8     Astringents and Toners won’t do you any good – You may think these will soothe the pain, but actually, used before the wax, they act like ice and make the pores tight. The hair follicle then holds onto the hair more firmly, and it pains a lot more when you wax.

#9     Don’t clench your muscles – Yes, it is a normal reaction when you anticipate pain, but it will only make the pain worse. Try to stay as relaxed as possible and it will pain less.

#10     Pain meds – These are last on the list because they aren’t very strongly advised. You could pop a pill about 20 minutes before you go for the wax. But then pain meds start a whole new pros and cons debate and are best avoided!

“No Pain” may mean “No Gain”, but there isn’t anything against sticking with “Less” pain, is there? So do make use of these handy tips to at least lessen the discomfort that comes with waxing!  

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