Where can I get a good Brazilian Wax in Beijing

The waxing industry in Beijing is frankly relatively young, especially when it comes to Brazilian and bikini waxing. Although Beijing is one of the most international, vibrant and modern cities in the world, perhaps it is somewhat due to more conservative Chinese culture that has led to Brazilian waxing and bikini waxing being less popular in Beijing than in major international cities such as New York, London and even Sydney. However, maybe it is also due to the climate, as in warmer more humid cities such as Singapore, Brazilian waxing is extremely common. Anyhow, whatever the reason may be, Brazilian and bikini waxing in Beijing in the last few years has now finally really begun to be more popular.

When I first arrived in Beijing 10 years ago, I could not find any professional Brazilian Waxing salons. Some salons in Beijing did provide Brazilian waxing and bikini waxing, however none provided service up to international standards in my opinion.

Firstly, what makes a good Brazilian or bikini wax? I look for 3 simple criteria.

The therapist: a Brazilian wax can be unnecessarily painful and lengthy if the therapist is not trained well. Good Brazilian waxing technique starts with positioning and instructing the client correctly, if your body is not in the right position the therapist will not be able perform the service correctly. You should be happy if the therapist gives you very clear and direct instruction on what to do. Secondly, the therapist needs to be able to assess the hair growth and skin condition of each client carefully – be concerned if they just get at it immediately without taking the time to look carefully.

Thirdly, most importantly it is about wax application and removal technique. Wax should be applied in a smooth and comprehensive manner. The motion to remove should be swift and strong. If you therapist is looking hesitant or needs to go over the area several times, that is a signal of a bad wax.

The Wax product: All wax is not created equal. For Brazilian and bikini waxing, firstly hot wax is a must! You should plainly refuse any Brazilian or bikini waxing service if they try to use cold or strip waxes for that area. A good wax is a balance between strength of wax and gentleness of the wax. If you feel that when the wax is being removed most of the hair is not coming with it and/or your skin feels rough and pulled, it is likely a sign that the wax is not of high quality.

The Shop: Brazilian and bikini waxing is obviously one of the most private services where good hygiene is critical – so being comfortable in the shop is of high importance to me. Firstly, in the extremely space constrained Beijing, many salons have very small rooms – I just can’t get comfortable in those shops. There are several salons with sizable well-appointed treatment rooms, so why settle for less? Secondly, I always look around to see if everything is well maintained and immaculately clean – can’t trust the hygiene standards if things are in disarray. The shop should also have sinks and provide hygiene wipes so that you can properly prepare yourself for treatment.

So where can I go to find the right salon for my Brazilian or bikini wax? Especially across the last few years, salons with relatively good Brazilian waxing services have been springing up rapidly, particularly in Central HoBeijingThere are the larger independent beauty spas, such as Sense of Touch, that offer several large well-appointed shops and a large range of services including Brazilian waxing. The high-end hotel beauty spas, such as HoBeijingandarin, Four Seasons and W hotel, offer Brazilian waxing but are not focused on it and are very pricy (good for facials and massages).

The international independent waxing boutiques offer specially trained waxing therapists and fair pricing, of which Strip-Ministry of Waxing is currently the only one in Beijing. The local Beijing salons may selectively offer Brazilian waxing, but are generally not well trained and many do not have very comfortable shops. Finally there are the small independent waxing shops typically set up by therapists, where the service quality can generally be more controlled to a higher standard (because the owner is typically providing the service herself), but many have the lowest standard in terms of shop comfort.

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