My brazilian waxing experience in beijing

Waxing was not something I would regard as a necessity in life - mainly because of the fact that it is notoriously a source of pain and discomfort. I can still remember when I first came across the idea of “brazilian waxing” - I was totally reluctant to try it out because being such a conservative Chinese girl like me, exposing myself in front of a stranger is not a welcoming idea at all, not to mention my lower-than-normal pain threshold. Seriously I thought I would just faint on the bed…

But my first wax has completely changed my perspective on waxing.

The impression that I had when I first entered the waxing room was very promising - it feels clean and comfortable with the earthy tones used in the room. My therapist was very nice and kept checking if I was uncomfortable throughout the whole treatment. She also made it very clear what she was doing in each step and instructed me as to how my body should be positioned along the way.

Since I must have been extremely nervous and apparently knew very little about waxing, my therapist explained everything to me in detail: like when is the ideal time of booking in waxing treatments, how should I take care of the area after the treatment and what products can I use to maximize the result.

Now onto the most important question - was it painful? I have to say it was - but not as unbearable and deadly as I thought it would be - in fact, there was not very much pain at all during the treatment.

I have also learnt from several trips to my waxing salon that the type of wax they use for different area varies. Strip wax is used for larger and less sensitive areas like legs and arms, while hot wax is used for more sensitive areas like bikini and underarm. Some beauty salons may use strip wax for Brazilian wax and that is actually a big no-no – since strip wax is not as gentle as hot wax, it would cause unnecessary pain and irritation. We should not settle for any low quality service especially when it comes to waxing our private area.

As for the end result, I can sum it up in two words: hairless and clean. Seriously if you have never tried brazilian waxing you would never understand the feeling of being hairless - even if you do shave, it is an entirely different story – waxing will leave your skin feeling extra smooth and clean and will not give you the coarse hair that you always get after shaving. Especially for ladies, I understand it can be a pain in the neck when your monthly business comes - but with your hair waxed off - it just makes things so much easier and more hygienic.

Also, if you asked me how did I overcome the embarrassment issue - well, I was not even aware of it during my treatment because I was so busy chatting with my therapist! And if you think about it, there is actually nothing to be afraid or embarrassed of. All the waxing therapists that I have encountered were very experienced and professional, you do have nothing to worry about as long as you relax your body and give your therapist your trust on them.

One last question: am I going to get waxed again? YES. Now I have ventured out in the world of waxing, I can definitely see why so many people are obsessed with it. If you have ever tried shaving, you know how it feels like when the hair grows back: coarse, rough to the touch and looks thicker. With waxing, however, the hair grows back slower and softer; I have even realized the hair has grown thinner than before.

If you are still on the fence about waxing: just give it a try and I am sure you will not regret it. It is the quickest way to becoming hairless and hygienic. But do be warned: you may be addicted to waxing once you have tried.

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