Carezza specializes in the Brazilian and Bikini Wax

Carezza specializes in the Brazilian and Bikini Wax. We were the first salon in beijing specifically focused on Brazilian and Bikini Waxing, and have years of experience on how to do it right!

We also provide the full range of Body Waxing, from head to toe.

Brazilian Waxing - all hard wax treatments
(Brazilian waxes require 20-45 minutes depending on type of treatment

Technique is the primarily key to a good wax – very few do it well!
If the therapist does not know how to properly position the client, apply the wax or remove the wax, you will be in for a painful and lengthy experience. At Carezza, have been doing this for years and only selectively employ a handful of therapists to ensure exceptional service.

A poor or cheap wax will require the therapist to apply several times, causing pain, skin irritation and more time.

Carezza’s employs a unique formula that is unrivalled in removing stubborn hair painlessly in one application.

Our wax also contains titanium dioxide to reduce skin redness and has a pleasant strawberry scent.


How long does a wax last?
Typically will last 4 to 7 weeks depending on your hair re-growth rate and season (hot weather makes hair grow faster).

Does waxing hurt?
Somewhat depends on the strength of your hair and sensitivity of your skin, but mostly depends on if your waxing therapist is good and if the wax is strong. Come see us to ensure the most painless service.

How is waxing treatment done?
Hot wax is applied to the hairs, which binds to the hair as it cools and dries. Once the wax is set, the skin is pulled tight and the therapist removes the wax and hair. The wrong techniques can lead to skin damage, in-effective hair removal, longer treatment times and general unpleasantness.

How long should my hair be?
Ideally the hair needs to be at least ¼ inch to ½ inch long to trim or best adhere to the wax. No need to trim or buzz your hair before you come in, we will take care of that for you.

Why should I wax instead of shave?
Shaving will make your hair grow back faster, thicker and more coarse. Waxing removes hair from the roots therefore it takes a week or more for hair to grow back.

What should I be cautious of before and after waxing?
- You should entirely avoid waxing if you have skin rashes, sunburns, wounds or open skin

- Waxing just before, during or after menstrual cycle can be done, but you will be much more sensitive and may bruise

- Do not tan within 48 hours before or after you wax. Waxing makes you more susceptible to sunburn and sensitivity

- Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before your waxing service, as they will increase your blood flow and sensitivity to waxing

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We strive to bring you the highest quality health and beauty services at the best possible prices so you can affordably escape from life's daily pressures to relax and renew.

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